Guidelines for the Speakers

PDC YES Events: Guidelines for the Speakers


Our vision is simply to continue growing, learning, sharing and loving the abundance of life...

We have so many talented individuals here in Playa, and so every month, we aim to introduce another gifted individual who is happy to share their wealth of life skills, education, knowledge, and experiences.

We want you to bring your joy along with you too, and share the delicious high vibrations with like-minded friends.



  • Every event is going to have a theme. Within that theme, we are looking to host two different speakers with contrasting but often complementing topics - for example, one speech that is focused on “material wellbeing” and another one focused on “spiritual growth”.

    Material: health & fitness, intellect, relationships, business, finance, travel

    Spiritual: consciousness, emotions, meditation, working with energy, chakras, etc.

  • How does it look in practice? See our plan for the event in January:

    • January’s theme: Finding Nirvana in Apocalypse. Regardless of the situation, there are always things you can do to strive for a higher existence.
    • The choice of this theme came from the fact that we are living in uncertain times where we want to have a certain degree of material security AND, at the same time, make progress in our lives and grow as individuals.
    • Based on the above, we are aiming to select two speakers who can offer a speech aligned with either: material possessions/security OR death/sex/transformation
  • Experienced speakers will have priority, especially during the first few events, as we need to assure certain quality and success of those events in order to attract and grow the audience to deliver great value to as many participants as possible.

  • We are planning to end every event with a short meditation, gratitude exercise, or a similar activity that would leave the audience in positive energy. We are going to select a dedicated person to perform this part of the event.

  • Your interaction/engagement with the audience is highly encouraged.

  • When you are selected as a speaker, you are going to have up to 40 minutes to speak includng Q&A if you like.



  • We are expecting to attract mostly English-speaking individuals who are focused on personal development (physical & mental wellbeing, relationships, career & business, finance, lifestyle, spiritual growth). Probably a lot of them will be digital nomads and expats.
  • The number of attendees is going to be limited to what the venue can offer, and of course their other distractions and priorities for the day.
  • As with every new project, there are still some unknowns. For example, we are yet to see how many people will regularly attend the events. Based on our experience with the first few events and the feedback we will receive, we are going to tweak and improve the way we operate, for example, in terms of selecting the best possible venue.
  • At the end of every event, we hope to encourage the audience to stay and network with other like-minded people and their new peer group, for those who would like to use this opportunity.
  • Venue: This may change from time to time.



  • What counts for us is pure giving and sharing of knowledge and experience, education and entertainment.
  • What we do as organizers is completely nonprofit and we do not receive any financial profits. Any donations we may receive are going to cover the cost of the venue and support charitable institutions, local communities and initiatives in Playa del Carmen. This is our way of giving back to the local community and being involved as its valuable members (and we're not just here as tourists).
  • We are always looking for local charitable projects / institutions to support and encourage the attendees to get involved too.
  • Given the nonprofit character of this venture, we need to draw boundaries in terms of self-promotion.
    • What is not allowed: NO blatant selling from the stage by advertising specific products, courses and services, naming prices, etc.  We are keen to ensure the PDCYES group events do not turn into a pitchfest.
    • What is allowed: it is perfectly fine to encourage your audience to visit your website and connect with you on social media if they would like to learn more about what you do. In case you are planning to do a digital presentation, feel free to include the address of your website and links to your social media. If you are open to it, you can also invite the audience to speak with you personally after your speech. There will be a block of time for socializing and networking at the end of each event.
  • We are introducing a traffic light system for the speakers to give you a visual notice to help with your timing. 
  • If you would like extra support such as audio/lighting/big-screen/assistants on stage etc, please let us know in advance and we will do all we can to assist.



We want to learn more about you in order to provide you with speaking opportunities that are suited in the best way possible for your field of expertise. We have a shortlist of speakers and every month we will reach out to selected individuals depending on the theme of an event and several other factors. This data (such as your profile picture) will be used to advertise the event, as well as internally to communicate with you about speaking engagements. We will never share your contact details with any third party person or organization.


To help us learn more about you, CLICK HERE to access the survey.

We will get in touch with you once you complete the survey.

Examples of questions we will ask you:



Your first and last name

How can we contact you? Please provide your:

  • email address
  • phone number
  • preferred app: Telegram / WhatsApp / Facebook Messenger / Signal

Your website and social media (if you have any)


Profile picture for marketing flyer (as a file or a link to your website/social media)

What do you do: (example: High Performance Coaching)

Short bio (1-5 lines)

What value do you bring as an expert - what problems do you solve (1-5 lines)



Do you have previous experience as a speaker? (Yes/No)
If possible, please add a link to your YouTube or other recording;

If you do have a previous public speaking experience, please tell us more about it (how many times, size of an audience, etc.)

Suggest broad topics or areas of expertise you are comfortable speaking about.

CLICK HERE to access the survey.