December 2023

Sunday 3rd December 2023

This will be our last official meetup before Christmas, come and celebrate with us


True Sucess... The Inside Scoop!

Self-actualization is key to True Success, where to start!

- Kellie Koppel

Actress, Filmmaker, and Entrepreneur, Kellie Koppel, has explored the spiritual and healing arts in Los Angeles for over three decades, as a Kundalini Yoga teacher, Reiki Master, Certified Clarity Breathwork™ Facilitator, and practitioner at top Wellness facilities in Beverly Hills.

With clients around the world, she facilitates energy activations, and provides intuitive, transformational and wellness coaching. After two near-death experiences, each leaving her unable to walk, she experienced a profound soul shift and activation; which she now shares in workshops, retreats, and private sessions.

"You cannot control what life brings you, but you can choose how you want to experience it.

My passion is to help empower people with the tools to discover their soul’s truth, and live from their heart’s desire!"

Tis the season... To Be Thankful!

 In today's gathering, Kellie will share why having Gratitude is more important than you think!



Karl Gendron

Karl Gendron, the CEO of a Window Repair Company with 8 franchise locations in the province of Québec, Canada, will be sharing insights about an upcoming event scheduled for May 25th at ONZE. This event, named HOPE PDC 2024, is a fundraising initiative for a nonprofit organization that he founded in 2022. The proceeds from this event will be directed towards assisting young adults in discovering their purpose.



Michele Avila - Breath of Life

Breath Of Life Ministry is a passion project that was formed in 2020 by Michele Avila, who experienced extreme poverty after being brought to Playa del Carmen 10 years ago. Wiith only the bags on her back and very little money with no family or friends support, by the grace of God, she found a way to stay alive and support herself and her child.

She has since pulled herself out of a life and death situation, has created a beautiful home, raised her son, and currently helps other women break the cycle of abuse and poverty. Because of her own struggles, she developed a deep passion to help the growing impoverished communities in Playa del Carmen (especially single mothers in abusive situations) who needed help due to uncontrollable circumstances.


Where and When

Sunday 3rd December 2023  starts 1pm prompt +  bring your friends


Buzos RestaurantCalle 26 Norte S/N, Ave 25-30
Gonzalo Guerrero Playa del Carmen


Registration is NOT required.
Simply turn up at Buzos on with your beautiful energy and biggest smiles.

We would like to encourage you to STAY at Buzos after the event for lunch and chat with your newly-discovered, awesome like-minded peer group.


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