Rocking Life in
Playa Del Carmen

Our Founder Mike Berry (AKA DynamicMike) was so impressed with the energy and attitude of the community that he discovered in Playa, especially amongst some of the recently arrived expats, and the instant camaraderie was a major appeal to want to stay and grow our peer group of amazing forward-thinking individuals that Playa seems to be magnetically attracting.

Mike was also Founder and Chairman of the YES-Scotland group in 2001 and he wanted to introduce a similar format here.

Our vision is simply to continue growing, learning, sharing and loving the abundance of life...

We have so many talented individuals here in Playa, and so every month, we aim to introduce another gifted individual who is happy to share their wealth of life skills, education, knowledge, and experiences.

Of course, for many of us in Playa today, this wasn't on the radar or in the plans just two years ago, and for many people, the stress and trauma of leaving family, loved ones and even possessions behind has been quite extreme and waaaay out of the comfort zone, so we want you to know that you are in the right place...


In addition to learning, growth and the fantastic instant camaraderie with some amazing like-minded individuals here in Playa, we would like to support local communities and charities, so if you have any suggestions or favourites that you would like us to help support, please do let us know.

We want you to consider that the PDC YES group has been developed especially for you, and the members are your new like-minded support-group family.

We want you to bring your joy along with you too, and share the delicious high vibrations with like-minded friends.