Local School Project Update

Tony Robbins often talks about the Six Human Needs;
Love, Significance, Variety, Consistency,
and the two that most people don't achieve on a regular basis is;

Growth and Contribution

So DynamicMike (Founder & Chairman of the PDCYES group) decided from the outset that he wanted to bring that opportunity to the members & attendees of our regular meetings.

At our very first ever event, Mike invited Shae-Elle to share the local school project that she has been helping with.
The school was damaged in the storms two years ago, and then without being directly involved in the covid chaos, the school fell into some disarray and desperately needed some refurbishment and TLC.
Shae gave us an idea of the number and ages of the pupils affected, and the average income/lifestyle of the locals in the area, and just how much money and effort it would be for them to rebuild the school, and we were delighted with the fund-raising efforts from our attendees from the day.

Shae-Elle has promised to give us all an update. There is still a few thousand dollars to be raised in order to complete the works required, and we're hoping to invite ALL members to come along for a few hours and actually put in the graft to help;
sweep the yard, paint the walls, chop up the fallen trees etc.

If you would like to contribute financially and/or give some physical time to the project, please follow us on the telegram group and we'll keep you posted.



UPDATE (March 2022): Shae-Elle and Genevieve were extremely excited to give us the latest update, that the Gov have come through with more financial resurces than expected, and together with the funds we raised within the PDCYES group, they are now able to look at further contributions including furnishings and computer assistance.
As a result, we are delighted to confirm that the school has now re-opened ahead of schedule too.